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Dermatology & Allergy Testing

The overall health of your pet is dependent upon proper skin care, as well as the accurate diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions and diseases. Malta Animal Hospital is very successful in diagnosing and treating skin diseases, conditions, and allergies that too commonly plague pets in our area.

Our team is skilled, patient, and thorough in assessment and testing. Our extensive experience and positive results make us the logical choice for owners struggling with pet skin conditions.


We treat a wide variety of dermatological issues in pets, from parasite problems to allergies. Common skin problems include:

  • Allergies — Itchy pets may be signaling a reaction to something around the house when they scratch, lick, bite, or rub themselves excessively. Possible allergens for pets include flea bites, common foods, inhaled substances from organic to chemical, and even items they come into contact with regularly such as wool or laundry products.
  • Parasites — Fleas, ticks, and mites break the skin barrier and allow infections or allergic reactions to occur. Pets may react to parasitic infections by scratching, chewing, or biting at the site or exhibiting symptoms of general illness including fever and malaise.
  • Fungal infections — Fungus can develop on the skin of any pet but is more common on those who are aging, have allergies, or have compromised immune systems. Fungal infections such as ringworm can be transmitted to pet owners, as well.
  • Growths — Masses and tumors on pets, especially those that are aging, may signal a more serious disease such as cancer. Very often, the pet does not show signs of discomfort or irritation at the site except perhaps during grooming or stroking.

At times, the source of a skin problem may be another disease such as hypothyroidism or even nutritional concerns. Whatever the concern, our team is skilled at diagnosing pet skin conditions and diseases.

Our hospital is equipped for diagnostic testing such as skin scraping, blood work, X-rays, and biopsies. We periodically work with outside labs for specialized testing.


Dog in field

Many successful dermatology treatment options are available to pet owners today. Our holistic approach is designed to restore your pet to health and comfort while eliminating or managing the source of the problem.

Pets with allergies, for example, may require a combination of treatments to minimize discomfort and address the irritating substance. We may suggest antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, desensitizing allergy shots or immunotherapy, topical treatments, grooming aids, and even special foods or supplements to treat skin conditions. In addition, we may suggest surgical removal of a growth or mass. In some cases, treatment for skin problems and allergies may be long term, even for life.