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Laser Therapy

At Malta Animal Hospital, we know having a sick pet can be stressful when not knowing how to help ease their pain. Luckily, we offer drug-free, side-effect free laser therapy treatments in conjunction to your pets already prescribed treatment plan.

Laser Therapy Treatments are used to help reduce pain and heal wounds in a number of different scenarios. Such as after fractures or surgery, to help encourage mobility and reduce swelling. The treatments also help increase serotonin levels and help increase blood flow to the problem area(s).

For our geriatric patients with arthritis, Laser Therapy Treatments can give them more freedom through movement and a better quality of life. For pets with chronic ear infections and common disorders such as lick granulomas, laser treatments can help reduce inflammation and irritation.

We offer single session laser treatments, 6, 9 and 12 session packages and are more than happy to make a recommendation for each patient based on their unique needs. For more questions or to schedule an appointment for your pet, please contact us at 518-885-2550 or message up through the PetDesk app.


“My dog Zola is an older lab, at almost 12 years old. She has a history of osteoarthritis and Dr. Zaidel was controlling her with pain medications, dasuquin, and fish oil. Over this past winter (2020-2021), she had started to decline in mobility and mental health. Unfortunately, anti-inflammatories are not an option for my girl due to other health issues. With Zola hiding in her crate, being grouchy, and not interacting with our family, I was becoming very concerned. We bumped up her medications but that did not seem to help. It wasn’t until we started doing cold laser therapy where we noticed a HUGE difference!  This is a great treatment option! She slowly began to come back to her normal, sassy, life loving self; and even becoming more mobile and less stiff! We are so pleased with her results thus far! We cannot thank Malta Animal Hospital enough for having this option available for us. Zola is so much happier and so are we!”